School of Materials Science and Engineering

      Everything is made of materials – automobiles, aircrafts, ships, civil structures, nuclear plants and even military weapons, so if you join our school as a student or as a professor, your experience can take you further than you might expect.

      The school of Materials Science and Engineering in Jiangxi University of Science and Technology is an international, research active workplace with modern facilities and a broad education offering in materials science and engineering. Living here you can get a solid materials expertise while feeling the fresh air, beautiful natural scenery, delicious food, traditional Chinese culture. Although our research active spans the entire materials field, we specialize in both the cutting-edge and fundamentals of metals and ceramics, carbon, nanostructure materials, polymers, composites, advanced materials characterization, and most recently, materials modelling. Here you have the stage to carry out your dreams, release your imagination, and explore the mystery of the materials.

      As a student, you can go to the local unique non-ferrous metals, rare earth materials, tungsten alloys and other enterprises to improve your practical skill. As a researcher, you can promote your scientific results to these enterprises.

      We hope you join us and we are waiting for you here.

Tongxiang LIANG


Dean of School of Materials Science and Engineering